Even if you made these your room wallpaper, or got them on a flat screen slideshow, they are not merely a matter of memory. These take gumption. Otherwise, they would be a lot of gluing or scrolling, and looking up.

We don't have to think like there's an entire system for these, especially that systems are finite, and language is not.

We folks often think symbolic. We can say it's "raining cats and dogs", though we wouldn't have the animals flying or even parachuting, and we only mean there is much water coming down from clouds.

Symbolic thinking is not only about figures of speech. It can help organize gumption. Symbolically, before we have grammar, we could picture ourselves as facing a deep forest.

Bob is nudging me to remind you never to go into forests without grown-up guides who we know and can trust. Hi, Jemma here. Our forest is symbolic, but it could be a good idea to share this read with someone. You could reckon together, then.

Independently or in group, natural reckoning is also about time of day. I would not like to think about a forest after dark. I prefer pleasant matters to make associations, and I love our garden and sunshine.

I can think about sunshine and fields. The fields are much bigger than the garden and they do not belong with school strictly. We need grammar gumption everywhere, not only for classroom exercises or tests.

In my symbolic day, I can think about the sun rising, shining high, and setting down. The day can be symbolic, as for grammar, we learn grammatical time anyway. We'd have to be clairvoyants most of the time, if we did not recognize grammatical time.

Personally, I would not like the idea the future could be all set, for a clairvoyant to see it, but fortunately this does not look to be the case.

We can say that our knowledge is our light. Knowledge needs memory. Our PAST field can be as with a setting sun. We may forget the detail in matters we have not studied in a long time, yet there is shine enough to return to them.

 PAST field

We cannot have memories of the FUTURE, but we are capable of planning our study. Our field for the FUTURE can be as with sunrise.

__FUTURE field

It is our PRESENT we have most cognitive powers to shape. We can symbolize the PRESENT as shiny daylight.

__PRESENT field

With the Fields of Time, we can plan our words. You can begin with the generative idea here, in Chapter 1.


If you have ever hiked, you know there are trails, and they have blazes. Here is a typical painted blaze in Mt. Greylock State Reservation, Massachusetts. We can view those over Wikimedia. Here, we can read more about trail blazing.

Attribution: Daniel Case at the English language Wikipedia

For our forest of time and language, we can think about arrow cues.

We happen to say the FUTURE brings the things that are BEFORE us. We also happen to say that PAST things are BEHIND us. We could look forward or back to events from where we always are, our PRESENT.

The Simple Aspect can work without an auxiliary. We can represent it with a plain arrow.


We can represented the Progressive with a dot. We can picture it as being in a spot, a place in an area. See Mapping the time.


The Perfect Aspect has showed our way to a place or time. We can represent it with an arrow or spearhead added to our simple dart.


We can view this logic as in a chart.


Please mind that our arrows are not shooting arrows. They are just to help find own way with grammar forms. If we make models to play, we make big models of soft material, as plush, especially if there should be little children around.
Ollie loves the Plush peril.